Sunday, March 21, 2010

They did it

And I unpledge allegiance to the United States.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Power and Alphas

I’ve read for weeks now around the net people opining what a “true” alpha is, vis-à-vis the behavior of men.

First, I’m kind of skeptical of oversimplifications such as “Alpha” or “Beta” or the like. They may be useful to describe – broad brush – the behavior of animals. Human behaviors tend to be a bit more complex. I’ll bite, though.

On of the fatal flaws of most of these analysis has been to attempt to insert morality into a descriptor of animal, law of the jungle, behavior. The “Alpha/Beta/Gamma/etc” meme works well in the animal kingdom, as they have no morality. In these analysis, therefore, people have tried to come up with pious pronouncements that “The True Alpha is ____________” (Insert noble descriptor of choice.)


Morality hasn’t got jack or shit to do with it. The “true alpha” is concerned with one thing: Power. That, and the fact that they couldn’t accept a secondary role, even to another, bigger alpha, to save their life. Witness the wolfpack. The Beta who has been Alpha pro tem becomes a beta again when the alpha takes over. When the alpha is overthrown, he goes rogue.

Now, if you want to define the long term success of an alpha, and the ability to win enthusiastic support, even when he is past his physical prime, we have a whole ‘nother conversation. That morality in there, that sense of responsibility, has something to do with that. The right proper son of a bitch, though, is no less an alpha for his lack of those characteristics. Obedience is obedience, even if the motivator is fear. Hell, for that matter, fear of disappointing your alpha, or fear of him ripping your throat out, is still fear.

No matter how well formed the moral compass, though, the pushover is not an alpha. And any alpha big and bad enough can do pretty much as he pleases. Contrary to the fairy tales, the noble and moral smaller and not quite as badass alpha is just going to die at his teeth. He’s a tragic hero whose story is just waiting to be written.

But he’s still a dead, skull being used for a drinking cup by the bad guy, summbitch.

Pray Jesus God your alpha uses his power in a moral and responsible fashion, or attach yourself to alphas who do, but make no mistake – the power is a thing. It is amoral, independent of such considerations.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Ever since it came out that Harry Reid was making racist comments, something struck me as off.

And it's not that I don't think he said what he did. It's obvious he's guilty as sin. And it's not that I don't think they aren't racist. They are. But his grovelling to Teleprompter Jesus, Al Sharpton, and the rest of the Race Warlords and Shakedown Artists seemed ... misdirected.

Then it just hit me - maybe ten minutes ago. He doesn't owe them an apology.

He owes ME one.

Well, come to think of it, no. Since I don't vote a straight Far-left Democratic ticket, I'm hopelessly racist, sexist, homophobic, evil Xian Skinhead, yadda, yadda, yadda. I mean, c'mon - the only thing you need to do to be a part of the VRWC is to go against a party line lockstep. We've seen it a hundred times.

What Harry Reid said is that white people who voted for BHO would not have voted for a Dark-Skinned guy who had a Negro accent. That's right, sports fans, if you are a white Obama voter, you'd have never voted for your Jesus if he had darker skin, and wasn't able to "talk white."

This is what Dingy Harry said - Barack was electable because he was light skinned and could turn the Black accent on and off. If this is true, a Dark Skinned black guy ho couldn't "hide his accent" would be unelectable. You can reach no other conclusion.

God, I never knew you Obama voters were such .... RAAAAAAAAAAAAACISTS!!!!!!!

I mean, you must be - Harry Reid took you to the woodshed with that comment, and made you his bitch over it, and ya'll just meekly took it.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Thus Beginneth the Circus

Judge tosses out most evidence on Gitmo detainee - Chambersburg Public Opinion:

"WASHINGTON—A federal judge has tossed out most of the government's evidence against a tarrorism detainee on grounds his confessions were coerced, allegedly by U.S. forces, before he became a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay."
Gee.  Never saw that coming, did we?

Fiscal Responsibility

It’s got to be paid for.

You have to pay your bills. When all is said and done, all the whooping, hollering, and whining, certain essentials must be paid for. Your rent or mortgage. Your necessary utilities – gas, electric, and water. Insurance. Fuel or other expenses necessary to travel to work. Food. Necessary medicine (Insulin for your diabetes – necessary. Rogaine for your vanity – not so much.) Emergency expenses related to the above.

Everything else is a luxury. It is optional. It is in the column of “Controllable costs.”

It is called living within your means. It’s called being responsible. It’s called being an adult. To not do so is irresponsible and childish. I’ve done it as a private citizen, and as a business owner. When I have failed at it, I have suffered the consequences, including a bankruptcy.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Liberty 101

It is always best, I think, to work from a foundation, and build from the ground up. To that end, I?m going to be posting political philosophy in that fashion.

Liberty 101.

Most people, methinks, are scared of freedom. True, honest to God, LIBERTY makes them lay awake at night and wet the bed. Liberty means responsibility for yourself. It means that the logical consequence of personal liberty ? going hand in hand with profiting from your good choices ? includes taking your lumps from your bad ones.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

It may very well be time

Where do you start with something like this?

NAGR Gun Rights Blog  (Hat tip to Grim)

It may be time.

I hope to Hell Tennessee summons a pair, and puts the BATF on notice that any attempt to unconstitutionally infringe on the lawful rights of sovereign Tennessee citizens will be met with the full force of law that the sovereign state of Tennessee can bring to bear, up to and including the National Guard.  And those agents would be prosecuted, and imprisned, as would those who ordered it.

And that if the BATF didn't like it, they were cordially invited to no longer operate in the State of Tennessee.

Yes.  I do realize what that state doing that would imply.  I would be with them.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Yes. It is a geek moment.

Laws and Lawbreakers

I could call myself a pretty law-abiding guy, with proper respect for the law.  It could legitimately be debated.

Crimes against persons and property?   Hells yes.  I'm on board.  Law against dumping your used oil on your property where it is going to leach into the soil, the water table, and spread?  Yeah.  Laws against changing your oil on your own property?  Not so much.  You want to build a house?  Okay - codes exist for a reason, yes there is a gas main running through the area you intend to dig a basement. There is a reason.  Your house catches fire because you used cheap kindling?  Chicago fire, anyone?  There is a reason. A clothesline?  A permit?  Seriously?

Okay, Ground Rules

I keep it simple....

I'm a firm believer in free speech.  You have an opinion, by all means, voice it and be prepared to back it up  Crying about being shouted down doesn't cut it - either you can hack it or you can't.  If you can't, you're a pussy.

If someone says racist or other bigoted shit - bad on them.  I'm not going to police this blog for assholes.  If I don't delete them, it doesn't mean I agree with them.  In fact, I see a distinct bnefit in allowing a moron to speak at length so as to remove all doubt that they are a moron.  Plus I know where they are and what they are doing.

Actionable shit on me will be deleted.

Revealing personal information about anyone else who comments here gets the banhammer.

Trolls:  Unlike Leftist blogs, disagreeing with me isn't trolling.  Trolling is trying to start arguments, and perpetuating them by not fighting fair.    So here's what Fair Fighting is:  You make an assertion, you can expect to back it up.  I did take logic, so yes,you can prove a negative, so that dodge doesn't work (And this means the old trick of "God Doesn't Exist!"  "On what do you base that claim?"  "Bluster/Huff I don't have to prove anything, I made no claims!!!!" doesn't fly.  Yes, you did.  If you made a global negative generalization that is unprovable, that is your logic bad.

Also, please do not forget inductive and abductive reasoning.  Relying solely on deductive Aristotelian syllogisms is the sign of an amateur,  and of an inferior mind.

So I will ban trolls whe they become pointless.

I will also ban annoying and whiney people.  Just because I don't like them.

Anti-Semites are the scum of the Earth.  If you are a holocaust denier, OR if you do not believe in Israel's absolute right to defend themselves and exist as a Jewish state, within their current borders, you are an anti-Semite.

I will put up with flat-earthers and HIV as the cause of AIDS deniers before I will put up with the pseudo-science of Anthropogenic Glowbull Climate Change.  Same with Gender-as-a-construct retards.  It's disproven.  It's a hoax.  It's politics masquerading as science.

Keynesian Economics are bullshit.  If you believe in them, you're an idiot.  And you probably eat your young.

Yes, it is perfectly possible to believe in a big-bang event, evolution, et al, and believe a God or Gods set it in motion.  It's called a "First Cause."  In fact, I find it a lot more of a leap of faith to accept a first effect without a cause.  I guess I just don't have the faith required to be an atheist.

Oh, on that note, I count myself a recovering atheist.  Like I said in the intro, I wasn't the fun kind, either, I was as anti-Christian as you could get, and a card carrying member of American Atheists.  I know all the tricks of expressing anti-christian bigotry with plausible deniability.  Probably helped write a few.  If you don't believe God has any power over you, prove it to me by not recoiling like a vampire at the notion of writing His name, Crucifixes, et al.

No, I have no interest in converting you.  Because, honestly, I really don't give a fuck if you go to Hell.

I've seen the numbers on "Hate Crimes."  Put out by the FBI.  So I don't respect the culture of victimhood, climb down off your cross, and stop being a pussy.  Or a self-hating caucasian.  Non-whites, Gays, Transsexuals, Pagans, etc. etc. etc.- you're not living in a "As Bad As The Holocaust!" time or place, take a Midol.

George Bush has been out of the Oval Office for a year.  It's time to stop using him as a whipping boy and put on the big girl panties.  Man up.  For someone who ran on a platform of "Change!" I'm sick of hearing either of the weak and lame excuses of "Well he did it too!" Or "We've got to make HIS mess worse before we can fix it."  Pussies and bedwetters.  You ran as Messiah, Barry, now walk on some water.

Socialism has failed. Every. Time. It. Has. Been. Tried.   Yes, the right people have tried it, and tried it the right way.  It does not work.  And no, we don't have a free market.  We haven't had one since the progressives started encroaching on it at the turn of the last century.

Yes, I'm aware the Republicans were the progressive voice then.  And?  Hello?  Libertarian, remember?   You Republicrats with your "He did it too!" and "She did it first!"  are tiresome, childish, and petulant.  Grow up.  I have degrees in history.  Try your propaganda with the uneducated.

Only the government can censor. The New Decade doesn't start till 2111.  To "Decimate" something is to reduce it by 1/10th.  And so on, and so forth.  My 11 year old neice knows these things - of course, she is not a victim of Publik Thkule.  Are you smarter than a 6th grader?  Show it.  Use words properly.

How many witches did the church burn in Salem?  None.  The Church Burned HERETICS in Europe, and Puritans hung Christian people they accused of witchcraft in Salem. Again, I have degrees in history.  Try your propaganda with the uneducated.

Yes, I wish to fuck the conservatives would get mean and take over the Republican party.  If I can't have the five to seven parties I'd love to have, at least give me a contrast besides the "New Money Rich White Socialist Party" and the "Old Money Rich White Socialist Party."  I am personally of the "I work hard for my money and barely make ends meet as it is so stop taking it from me to fund your already over-budget vote buying schemes" party.  Assholes.

No respect for Political Correctness or the adherents thereof.  I often take a secret glee in winding them up, too.  I think the easily offended should be offended, as it is The Lord's Work.

I am against using the arm-twisting of government for social engineering, period.  Just because I think a thing shouldn't be a criminal act, don't assume I approve of it.  One of my guiding principles is that everyone should be free to be both wrong and stupid, and everyone should be free to have zero to do with anything they disapprove of.  For example, I am a Catholic, and if you want to be an anti-catholic bigot and have nothing to do with me, or my business, you should have that right.  So long as I can go into a court and get equal treatment, I care not a fig what your private life or private business does.  And I want me, and everyone else to have that same freedom.  For that reason, I may agree with your goals (in general) but not want shit to do with your methods.

I don't lay awake at night fretting, worrying, and wetting the bed over the fact that someone who has made different moral choices than me might not only survive, but flourish and prosper.  Anyone who does, is, IMO, a pussy.

Once upon a time I donated to both the State and National branches of the ACLU.  Then I found a love for ALL of the Bill of Rights.

Anything else  - I will let you know.

Happy New Year

New year, new blog, new slate.  Those who know who I am, welcome back.  Those who don't, welcome.

Those easily offended, get over yourselves.  And quickly, too.  You won't last long.

If you don't like what I have to say here, I have one rule - kiss my ass.  I have zero patience for candy-asses who won't back their opinions up, and insist that others be silenced.  If you claim freedom from offense, you're nothing but a goddamn fascist.  Roll up your sleeves and wade in.  Or shut the fuck up.  Either way, grow a pair.

Imma be loathe to use the words "Conservative" and "Liberal" here, mainly because most people who claim to be conservative, aren't; and most American Liberals (As opposed to classical liberals) do everything in their power to avoid be identified for the bottom feeding Marxists they are.  So, I'm calling a spade a spade, and if you're a statist, right wing, big government liberal don't think I am on your side.

I was raised a Scoop Jackson, populist Democrat.  I never could stomach the Country Club, snobbish, progressivist Republican Elitist asstards.  Nixon was scum, Ford was a Boob - and then came Jimmy Carter with his drooling incompetence and the takeover of the Democratic party with Far Left extreme elitists.  I parted ways with the Democrats, worked briefly for John Anderson, and threw my support behind Reagan, especially when I prospered.  I even backed Bush I until he betrayed his "no new taxes" pledge, and the travesty that was the Contract With America (And the devolution of the Republicans back to their snobbish eelitism and tax'n'spending) sealed by departure from the Republicans.  Since then, every time the Libertarian party has fielded a candidate in any election I have voted for them.

With the sad exception of my 2008 lesser-of-two-evils vote for McSame.  In the future I vote for Cthulhu and refuse to settle for the lesser evil.

Any other political details from me you'll learn.  I reject the political binary, and chances are I don't THINK the same way as you, or value "my-teamism" like the political ignorati does.

No, I'm not all white.  I pass, but I'm part Indian.  Lenni-Lenape.  Leftists, get your racial slurs in order for a non-liberal minority, m'kay?

I'm very traditionalist, Latin Mass, Roman Catholic.  I'm also a recovering atheist.  And not the fuzzy, fun kind, either, so a lot of you anti-Christian bigot aren't going to fool me with your "I just don't believe in all religions equally" tripe.  It'd be like trying to hide your racism from a former member of the Ku Klux Klan.

And, yes, I do read and listen to people to whom I disagree profoundly with on a variety of issues.  In context, too.  Don't try your shit there, either.  I paid a lot of money to listen to Air Amerika so I could know what the enemies of God and Man were really saying.

Oh - I cannot stand Teleprompter Jesus.  See, here's the thing - I never voted for Clinton.  Didn't vote for Bush or Dol, either - but he was the president.   Except for a scant few of my Republican friends, no matter how much they gritted their teeth, they said "President Clinton."  Then came Bush.  Didn't vote for him, or Gore, or Kerry; so he wasn't "my guy" either.

Lost quite a few Liberal friends who cut me off when they found I did not vote for the Democrat.  And I never heard one call him "President Bush."  (And now that Chocolate Jesus is in the Oval Office, some what to be buds again - FOAD, motherfuckers.)

So - you get treated as you treat others.  So since leftist democrats won't recognize someone as "President Smith" when it isn't their guy, likewise I will not refer to Teh Magickal Negro by the Executive Honorific.  Nor will I stand, or even fly the flag at half mast if something happens to him.  (Though I may do it if that certifiable retard, Vice-President Insurance Policy, takes the oath of office.)

Now, as to the title - Hillary Clinton one time famously screeched words about hw patriotic dissent is.  Now, shills for Chicago Jesus are talking about how un-american and traitorous it is.  So I am cutting that fabric into a 3 piece suit, with two pairs of trousers, and wearing it proudly.  If dissenting makes me a traitor, then I wear it proudly.  Extremism in the service of Liberty is no vice.

And if you don't like it, lump it.

Rules and positions to follow, along with periodic rants, funny shit, and links to my buds.